Estate & Trust Planning

No matter how large an estate you plan on leaving to your loved ones or to charity, early estate planning can make a huge difference in what actually passes on after probate and taxes. Planning may be as simple as making sure your IRA beneficiaries are listed correctly to more complex trust work. We coordinate with our clients' attorneys and other professionals to make sure that the assets are positioned and titled according to plan. We regularly come across clients who have had estate work done by an attorney but nothing was done with their investment accounts to put their estate plan in place. For large, complex cases we have access to some of the top estate planning practitioners in the industry that could provide solutions when local professionals cannot.

If a commercial trustee is required, our clients can access Dunham Trust Company. Dunham is an independent trust company that utilizes "best of breed" asset managers for specific asset classes. Our clients do not have to be shackled to the large financial institution-affiliated trust companies who may  frequently insist on using the institutions's own proprietary funds.